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There are a lot of cute names for it, “Obamamania” “Obamarama” (I liked Red-Eye’s “Baraca Blast”) but cute names aside, the phenomenon is real enough. The Drudge Report featured a video link this morning of yet another fainting episode at an Obama rally — this marks at least the sixth time some lady has swooned […]

                                       Oprah is the “false prophet ” to [anti-christ] Obama. Oprah is ushering in the New Age – with her newest promotions; The doctrine of “the New Earth” to be made a world religion from a book by New age […]

Saving Oprah


    New Age Guru Oprah Winfrey, continued to promote her brand of ecumenical salvation on Wednesday’s show.  The self proclaimed “Anti-Christian” talk show host dedicated another show to her best kept secret: The Secret. “The Secret” has gained alot of attention resulting from Oprah’s spotlight on the new “religion” which she her self claims to ascribe […]

I don’t HATE Obama – as in I don’t wish him dead. I love all people as humans. BUT – I have a very unsettled feeling towards him – No one really knows him, beyond what’s been presented/created for this election. So far he’s been in complete control over his own image, with out test […]