Oprah is “false prophet” to [anti-christ] Obama


ap_oprah_080130_ms.jpg 061211_obama_vlrg_3awidec.jpg                                      Oprah is the “false prophet ” to [anti-christ] Obama. Oprah is ushering in the New Age – with her newest promotions; The doctrine of “the New Earth” to be made a world religion from a book by New age guru Eckhart Tolle, and her pick for the new world leader Barack Hussein Obama. Not only is she at this time promoting a political candidate who as of this date seems to have taken up a cult-like following in the United States, she simultaneously promoting a “spiritual” doctrine to go along with this new world regime, meant to gain some serious followers. Hand in hand it’s a double take over of people’s minds and over the state i.e. complete control.This duo of Oprah and Obama – An unstoppable duo of “spiritual” and Political leader- is the same team perhaps mentioned about in the book of revelation as the False Prophet and the Antichrist?This rising influence of Obama seemingly over night has taken over America. If it continues, it may solidify this hypothesis I present here.A world wide class she is hosting on line in March 2008 “teaching” chapter by chapter A New Earth a heavy push is planed for all her audience to participate and follow the work-book and be indoctrinated with this New World Religion – by:http://www.eckharttolle.com    http://www.oprah.com/obc_classic/webevent_registration.jsp  Oprah’s new promo for the New Earth’s spiritual indoctrination. totally appealing – yet so evil, a message straight from the Serpent in the Garden     [ you are god ]       


6 Responses to “Oprah is “false prophet” to [anti-christ] Obama”

  1. 1 rightwingdog

    It is unfortunate that people look to Oprah for political advise. She is an entertaiuner and a business woman, albeit a very successful one but none-the-less that is what she is. She sould be no different than you or me donate to a candidate, talk about him to your friends and on the Net. This making him some kind of a God like creature is WRONG and she is forgetting about all her white viewers and fans who may not feel the same way about Obama.


  2. 2 will

    If you want to see funny animated skits with Oprah And Obama Go to http://youtube.com/watch?v=W5Kboa7kSjU

  3. 3 jesssare

    I thought I was the only one who thought Obama was the anti christ! Thank God someone out there has a clue!

  4. 4 stayin slim

    I lost all respect for Oprah when she went on her spree of “He’s the One!” as if he were Jesus Christ. She abused her position as an entertainer by attempting to cram Obama down her viewers throats. He was an obsure, inexperienced, senator of questionable background, until she used her influence to propell him into this position. Im done with Oprah…and would never ever support ANYTHING connected to her. The anti-christ? You may just be right!

  5. 5 richard

    Oprah seems to fill the role of John the baptist in the unfolding story of the Obama Anti-Christ.

  6. 6 Buddha

    I don’t know if Obama is the Anti-Christ in the since that he will bring peace in the middle east and then he will war with the saints and then be cast into the fiery pit by Christ at the end and then Christ will begin his first thousand years. Though I am hopping for the Rapture to get me out of this mess.

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