Mccain: Obama is “the One”


McCain ad on Obama: ‘They will call him The One’

the One what? THE OBVIOUS; The Antichrist, the False Messah, the NWO leader. Now the world is recognizing. Of course its all tongue and cheek, BUT when it really happens, of course we will have all joked about it. It’s glaring us in the face. We just can’t believe this no body come from no where is all the sudden here and at the center of world attention on sheer ego. 

CNN article 

Fox News

This new Ad comes out affirming the world perception of Obama. This Obama or as the Bible may refer to him as the Obama’nation that is the Abomination that take place at the end times. Well of course Obama will have to 1st fake an assassination attempt on his life, then be “miraculously healed” from it. This will of course elevate him to the highest pitch of Messianic polarity. Picture this : just like Martin Luther King, Just like John Lennon before him, just like JKF, Just like Jesus. ONLY HE LIVED!!!! Resurrection power! [ false, evil, fake] But in this media age, where everything is staged, it’s all going to look soo real on TV. How soon till we see the Jewish temple rebuilt? Perhaps right after Iran bombs Isreal in 2009, and Obama steps in to bring peace and help them rebuild. HOW IRONIC this all is. It’s fleshing it self out soo plainly, so almost cliche. From Obama’s public persona, Muslim roots, and arabic name, to his campaign slogans and image, and to his connection with the false prophet Oprah. Down to all the connections with the O’s One World hOpe. The O being the shape of the Earth or globe his name is destined for this type of placement along with many more esoteric related correlations ad nauseam. It’s marketing couldn’t have been more orchestrated. It’s like this is a supernatural happening, and it’s a freight train heading to the end.


One Response to “Mccain: Obama is “the One””

  1. 1 Dr. Ian Agni

    So it would seem to be the duty of everyone who believes in the “end of days” to obediently submit to the Will of the Almighty and support Obama so that God’s Will may be done upon the Earth.

    Anything less – and especially overt opposition to Obama’s rise – would be the cowering of the unfaithful, trying to derail the Holy Will of the Almighty in bringing His creation to completion!

    May we all obey God’s plan and do all that we can to ensure Obama’s success so the Glorious Day of Judgement may come in our time, and we may stand in the Everlasting Palaces of Gold with our Holy Savior!


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