Obama’s Lackluster speech deflates campaign


After delivering a lackluster speach at the democratic convention, voter’s hopes seem to have dipped as a perseption of Obama seems to have gone from a near messanic tenor, to one of ho hum finger tapping. 

With Mccain adding a Woman to his ticket are voters more interested in evening scores in the battle of the sexes or playing out the race card? 

Was Obama’s success all just projected media  hype? What went wrong, and why was the country swept up in “Obamamania” while ignoring his obvious lack of substance? Was he just a blank slate for the media to project upon? In the end, was his image was nothing more that a cardboard facade for the democratic party to assert their agenda through? And was his whole campaign based on a unsettling narcissistic arrogance in which read as a man brought up to believe himself to be “the One”?

On Obama’s Convention and the Convetion Coverage…mostly lackluster, with one surprising exception


One Response to “Obama’s Lackluster speech deflates campaign”

  1. you’ve got to be a freakin idiot. HE is the next president, he is black, and he is Blessed by God. The Lord God, Jehova. You can’t bring him down. give it up u azzholes……….Black Power. You can’t stand the fact the most white people love hime just as much as us Negros… He will unify this country and U can’t stop him

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