Zer0bama: the Zer0 Vs. the Hero.


“O”bama = 0, Mccain= Hero out with the Zero! in with the Hero!

“Zer0bama”, I just coined that!! 🙂 LOL Palin rocks!! Mccain’s got my vote! Everyone: start spelling “Obama” with the number Zero: 0bama

0bama has basically turned out to be a piece of cardboard, while the depth and breadth of the Palin/Mccain ticket is certainly unquestionable.

The big “O” turns out to be a big ZER0 !  Where as, we have a real Hero in Mccain. 

Mccain stands for Freedom, Justice, Liberty and truth. Patriotism, and compassion, wisdom, and experience. and IS a real Hero.  0bama stands for as empty image, media hype, celeb status, and is all that is shallow in leadership. He is a true ZER0.


One Response to “Zer0bama: the Zer0 Vs. the Hero.”

  1. I agree completely. Its sickening to see how many people, especially the younger crowd, are falling head over heels for Obama, without any real reasoning or substance to their stance. Its very unfortunate.

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