Palin pop’s Barak’s [hot air]balloon


Palin’s sharp words have put a pin into the Hot-air balloon/bafoon known as Barak Hussein 0sama err 0bama , err bin Laden err I mean STILL we are asking: WHO IS THIS WACKO? Why is a foreigner running for the US president? She has single handedly come in with her perverbial Palin Pin, and successfully deflated the hot-air hype Blimp, of the 0bama campaign [ pony show] just before he launches his BOprah Magazine. 

Oh and BTW “Obama” is no longer spelled with the letter “O” but with a “0” as in ZERO as in  a ZERO not a HERO [ like McCain] 

Palin has bust onto the scene with enough guster and wit and grit to power a small country. She has in her one finger enough spark to light a city,enough sense to solve the national debt and enough tact to handle a family, a state, a country and all the foreign policy you want to throw at her. What a welcome refreshment and an answer to prayers! 

Barwack Oboma over there on the other looks like a little withering stick, leaves shaking in the wind. Some one needs to get him a blanket because he’s now exeperiencing the cold shoulder of the American voters!  I think he needs to go back to living in a cardboard box. Where did we find this guy any way? Oh yeap, Indonesia, Zimbabwe or some where out side the U.S.A. . OH BTW did any one every look into that whole thing that most of his life he has lived OUT SIDE the USA? hmmmp..

Well any way, at least we have Ms. Palin to be the Viagra in the McCain campaign way-to-go big P!! Keep it up!! 

So how long till Baroot Obamicka calls it quits? Right about now it think. OH yeah AND who is that weird dude that’s his VP? Oh YAH,NO ONE CARES!!!!


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