Palin was “tongue and cheek” on Russian statement, like duh.


What was certainly not meant to be seen as a realistic statement on true foreign policy views, Sarah Palin’s tongue and cheek off hand statement about being able to see Russia from her house, has become an unlikely misconstrued perception from the news media. Wether they truly believe that she was being literal is beside the point. When it comes to bias they just can’t see past their own monocles at the joke being told. It seems that the Media’s ability to read people and detect wit is that of a 5th grader.

Seems that Sarah P’s wit is just sailing above thier heads. But then they might be purposefully taking her statement out of context to do the only thing they know how to do [CNN] smear anything other than the Savior of the World B. Hussian Obama.  Suspending common sense and reason, at all costs. Take little Miss Cupcake herself, Katie Couric , just soo sweet isn’t she? Well we saw the claws come out as her interview piece with Mrs. Palin was edited and posed to make her look as Bad as possible. With a look on Katie face the whole time, one of utter distain for Mrs Palin. An additue of superiority and skepticism. There was no trying to get to know Sarah, to engage in friendly conversation. It was attack dog city. It was baited questions and seething inquisistion. It was like watching a spider getting ready to eat it’s prey.  

This caustic attitude and white glove Obama treatments continues into the Comedic realm wth SNL and other “comedy” outlets. Please people, why does comedy need to have such an obvious agenda. It’s become a clear Liberal Propaganda machine, likened to the way Hitler would harass and mock Jewish people. It has that same seething sadistic satanic mockery. It’s not ” all in good humor” it’s warfare. It’s It seems like they can turn any one into a Pinata, of course except B. Hussein Obama.  They wouldn’t dare touch their sacred cow of a candidate. The bias is soo obvious it’s clear when they realize they are letting it leak out and try to toss up a few stories that some what seem to resemble a fair shake. But always with a question or deft skepticism. Like they are just soo baffled by this foreign object staring them in the face.

The Liberal mind is that of the insanity of the inquisitions. The Church of Liberalism is just that, a religion, and that is what is taking over our country. Let’s talk about separation of Church and state. Let’s get this cult out of the Government. It’s killing us.


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