Obama plans to create ” A post American World..”


We had no idea that Barack Hussein Obama was reading, studying, and planning to be the leader of the post-American world, It’s obvious that he is reading material like this from this photo and his all his associations with anti-American Anti-Christian influences. If you are an American, this should send shutters down your spine. Maybe this is why Barak [ the chosen One] never really clarifies where he stands on issues, or what his world-view is. Because this is what he would be revealing:

Obama carefully holds his place in the book, The Post-American World

(wonder if that’s a U.S. flag pin on the lapel?)

This book:

Obama\'s Study Guide


Urgent!  Americans need to open their eyes or they will be greatly deceived into voting for this man (Obama) who aspires to a radical, leftist, islamic worldview and who disdains our American freedoms and way of life.  He will lead us into socialism and globalism; especially since the democrats will also control the Senate and House of Representatives – there will be nothing to stop Barack’s plans!  After watching his rise, it is easy to see how people will embrace the Antichrist when he comes on the scene!    It’s time to Wake Up! BTW – how soon until Obama starts proposing the re-building of the Jerusalem Temple. How soon until we see him walking up on the inauguration ceremony and declaring him-self G-d in the Holy of Holies. Why does he keep projecting this Global world leader, messiah vibe? One thing after the other, and now this book he’s reading. He is a psychological terrorist to the American way. Who he is is the opposite of everything American values and beliefs represent. No matter what you say. It’s fundementally opposed. It’s more radical than that of any european style ideas. It’s a whole new thing. Global power. And now that the banks of the World have been bought by the governments of the world [ fabricated crisis] The governments control the money, no longer private banks. So essentially we are all now slave not to banks, but to the Governments of the world. 


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One Response to “Obama plans to create ” A post American World..””

  1. 1 Kerri

    You’re an idiot. I am sorry for my crudeness, but I am not one to take lightly to ignorance. I am actually reading this book as part of my Intro to Poly Sci class. This has no inclination that Obama is un-American but rather that he is educating himself on the correct way to lead America into a troubled time. There is no denying that America is fading as the leading power and it would be better to accept a new global role than to try to resist and fail. Simple international politics, we can’t stay on top forever but if we try it will be a dramatic ending. Let’s praise our new leader for not being a narcissistic American and thinking he can rule the globe. Let’s praise him for reading up on contemporary political literature. Next time you make such bold remarks, do your research and open your appallingly small eyes to the larger context of international politics.

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