give us Barabas Obama!!!


Once again we have another story that has been picked up in a big way by the Blogosphere but is currently being ignored by the mainstream media. And this time the story is huge. If you’ve seen the Drudge Report today you will know exactly which story this is; the audio of a 2001 interview on Chicago public radio station WBEZ FM in which Barack Obama explicitly calls for the “redistribution of wealth.” You won’t find any information about this blockbuster story in the MSM just yet but as been very typical lately, you can be informed on this topic on the Blogosphere including this report from Steve Schippert of Wizbang who posted it at 1:20 this morning while the members of the MSM were complacently sleeping, comfortable in the knowledge that Obama probably had the election in the bag:



One Response to “give us Barabas Obama!!!”

  1. 1 flybird63

    you got him

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