Obama; “a Foreigner,not U.S. Citizen”


OFFICIAL: Why do you want to travel to Kenya?

OBAMA: My father was Kenyan.  I want to go and visit his family and see where I came from.

OFFICIAL: Oh.  You don’t need a Visa then.  Do you have your birth certificate?

(Obama hands it over)

OFFICIAL (Con’t): Yes, yes.  If your father was Kenyan, then you’re a citizen as well.

OBAMA: Really?  Neato.

But, if you add to that, there’s actually another potential issue here.

In what status did the “Barry Soetoro” of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s reside in Indonesia?  I can’t find an exact copy of the 1958 Indonesian Nationality Law online, but a brief review suggests that it’s possible, especially given that Obama’s step-father was an Indonesian government official, that Obama might have taken Indonesian nationality.

After all, if one reads about his background, it seems to be fairly clear that his stay in Indonesia (where he attended local schools and was taught in the local language) was intended to be permanent.

Posted by Adam T. Yoshida on March 21, 2008 in International Politics |



2 Responses to “Obama; “a Foreigner,not U.S. Citizen””

  1. He hasn’t produced a birth certificate to anyone in the U.S.

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