Obama’s Aunt: Illegal Alien.


Seriously, what does it take for people to realize it’s absurd to elect a man with no American roots, to the U.S. Presidency. Maybe he need to go back to Kenya and be elected to president of his own Country of origin. WHY IS HE ALLOWED ON THE TICKET!!?!? It’s an outrage and insult to all Americans to have a man running for office who isn’t even a legal citizen, and is smuggling in his relatives illegally while trying to run for office as a pretend American Citizen. It’s a National Atrocity! !!!

Obama’s half aunt, who is from Kenya, was ordered to leave the United States years ago after an immigration judge denied her request for asylum, a person familiar with the matter told The Associated Press late Friday. This person spoke on condition of anonymity because no one was authorized to discuss the case.



One Response to “Obama’s Aunt: Illegal Alien.”

  1. 1 goodtimepolitics

    He has not won yet! But yes the people of America has been lied to and they still voting for him! I think that the blacks are voting skin color and could care less about the issues! I will try to keep my faith in the people and hope they do the right thing on Tuesday and that is vote for John McCain! He is the only one with experience to keep this country safe!

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