Obama, symbol of curse on U.S.


Obama, represents a curse that is over a our country, a mark and a sign of the favor of God waning, or that something will happen. This Obama, and with Oprah, the two “O’s” , this is an “O” for Omen, for a sign. The curse.  

The wild fires in California are direct hits, on the people and the Woman, who paid for Obama to become president. Oprah’s own home, now under threat by the wild fire at nearly hurricane force fire winds. Obama is of mixed racial and religious background, and represents nothing of “new” change, but only a change into the more extreme versions of liberal socialist and marxist thought in society. 

Obama, is not a symbol of God’s grace on our country but a “getting of what we deserve, what we wanted” 

God is gracious in the respect that He does honor our free will, but when we get what we want, is it everything we were hoping for , or does it mean our demise..

Obama of humanist and secular, if no New Age beliefs, is clearing bent on an agenda of making this a marxist style society. He is the Mark of God’s disapproval of our choices. This is false hope, this is deception, this is bigbrother, this is 1984, this is the last days.

> How does Obama mirror the movie, “The Omen”?, Do you think that Obama mirrors “The Omen”?
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1. When was he born? 1961
2. Was his father a diplomat? Well, no, but he did serve as an economist in Kenya’s Treasury department.
3. His parents both passed away before his rise to power.
4. His good friend, Tony Rezko, the man to raise the first 15 mil for Obama’s campaign will be awarded by spending 15 years to life in prison, for improperly raising campaign contributions for democratic candidates. He will be sentenced after the election. In the Omen, the ones who helped him were not given great treasures for helping him. Instead they were punished.
5. He has a prominant mark on the top back part of his head. This was shown in the 2nd debate. It resembles a pentagram, which is a sign of the beast.  

On November 4th, he will become the most powerful man in the world.

By using only his great charisma, many will blindly follow after him. 

He will make many promises, and by his boasting, will deceive the masses.

His people (the world media) will hide his evil deeds, and will magnify him without ceasing.

He will not stop at taking over the country. He will not stop at taking over the world. 

I hope we all have a wonderful next 4 years…. tongue.gif 



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  1. someone should shave his hair off and look for a 666 symbol

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