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An Iraq Veteran has a personal message for Barack Obama * this was NOT made by the McCain camp. Advertisements


After delivering a lackluster speach at the democratic convention, voter’s hopes seem to have dipped as a perseption of Obama seems to have gone from a near messanic tenor, to one of ho hum finger tapping.  With Mccain adding a Woman to his ticket are voters more interested in evening scores in the battle of […]

Friday, Aug. 08, 2008 By AMY SULLIVAN / WASHINGTON Charlton Heston as Moses in The Ten Commandments, left, and presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama. Left to Right: Everett ; Spencer Platt / Getty READ

McCain ad on Obama: ‘They will call him The One’ the One what? THE OBVIOUS; The Antichrist, the False Messah, the NWO leader. Now the world is recognizing. Of course its all tongue and cheek, BUT when it really happens, of course we will have all joked about it. It’s glaring us in the face. We just can’t believe […]

One World Obama